Kicking Goals

Some of my focused goals at the moment are to increase my strength, flexibility and cardio. These areas are major weaknesses for me at this point, which makes getting through a dance workout frustrating.

I live very rurally. I live on a large property that doesn’t have much flat ground. Despite being large, almost all of it is mountain. Rocky, bushy, steep mountain. The road that runs along the front of our property is narrow and winding. It’s a terribly dangerous road to run or walk along.

So combining all these factors, the geography and my goals, I have come up with a solution.

I am walking up our mountain every day. Only rather than walk, I am doing leg kicks. Yes, I am leg kicking my way up the mountain. With slow and controlled leg kicks. Well, as controlled as I can get them. I tried it today and it felt great. Hard, but great.

I thought about whether to call them battements in this post, but as I feel that a lot of technique goes into battements, I think these are classified more like slow kicks. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be battementing to the top of the mountain?

Here is what I think I am getting out of this exercise/movement:
1) building core strength and balance from lifting and holding my leg up and balancing on the other leg.
2) building muscle in legs from lifting and lowering slowly.
3) gaining flexibility from stretching out the back of my standing leg. The mountain is so steep you can’t not get a stretch in the back of your leg.
4) massive cardio workout.

I may try to count how many kicks I’m doing, tomorrow morning, just for kicks! 😉

This is the path that I am kicking my way up on our mountain…


And this is the view from near the top…


I’m not kicking it to the top yet. But someday…

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