Dancing on Empty and Progress Pics

Today was not a great day for me, motivation wise. I was very tired physically, emotionally and mentally. By the time I got some space to fit in a ballet session I just felt completely drained and struggled to find motivation. I didn’t want to dance at all and I struggled through the session.

However, I am aware that emotions come and go, but progress only comes from regular persistence. Regular. Not stopping and starting.

So I pushed on. I think the hardest part of this headspace, for me, is that I usually like to “feel” the music that I am moving to. I become emotionally involved in it. But on days like today, I can’t access it emotionally and it starts to feel empty. My movement feels empty.

Anyway. My gorgeous hubby knew I was struggling to feel good about ballet today, so whilst I was trying to dance, he sneakily took some photos of my positioning. I had mentioned to him that I wanted to take progress photos, but I am always too self concious to take them myself or arrange for someone else to take them — so my good husband took the lead and snapped some pics.

So, below are a few end of second week photos. I am not joking when I say that I have zero flexibility. Seriously you guys, I can’t even touch my toes!!! Maybe I have some flexibility in my ankle? Not sure.

I seem to be attempting some kind of arabesque thing in a couple of the pics. The lower leg photo is where I think my leg should be, rather than the higher pose. I think the higher position is lifting my hip too much. 

So yeah, that lower leg pic is my arabesque. Hahahahaha! I feel so stiff in the hips, I think they may have cemented in place over the years! LOL

The other pic is me pausing before a ronde de jambe. Wait … did I just write in ballet speak off the top of my head? “Ronde de jambe”, yes, I spoke Ballet — OMG, I think I might be learning something!

I will be adding these progress pics to the progress page, but I’ll throw them onto this post just for fun as well… 




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