Guess What I Accidentally Did Tonight?

….. An arabesque straight out of a pirouette! OMG, I couldn’t believe it, I laughed so loudly, all the family turned to see what had happened. 

I’m sure there is a technical term for it, but “arabesque out of pirouette” will do me for now. 

I was just practising pirouettes at the back end of my class, and on my second attempt I over-spun and in trying to catch myself I leant forward a little, then my lifted leg just spun around behind me and before I knew it I was in a well balanced arabesque. And I suddenly went, “Oh, that is how they do that thingy!” Haha. I’ve seen it done on youtube but I didn’t know the sequences to get there. Now I do know, and I got there all by myself! 

Of course, I tried a million more times and couldn’t repeat it nicely. I could still do it, but was back to being wobbly again. 

Speaking of wobbly, I have found that I seem to have days when my vertigo is worse and days when it is better. On the better days my pirouettes are much easier to do. I am starting to get better at them, occasionally completing a full right (to the right) pirouette without wobbling at all. But mostly I am still struggling with them.

I am happy with my pirouette progress, though. I have taken it really slowly, because I knew I couldn’t push myself with the vertigo. I have a few different exercises that break down the pirouette move itself, and I just take it slowly. It seems to be working. 

4 thoughts on “Guess What I Accidentally Did Tonight?”

  1. Balance is something that is really annoying to me, every day is different, like you say! I am still not good at pirouettes, no matter how much I practice. Spotting is behind this all, something I haven’t mastered yet!


    1. Yep, spotting is tricky stuff. I’m practicing going really slowly as well as fast, to see if it helps to train my head to do the right thing! lol


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