Pirouette 2 and Very Exciting News — Video Included!

Tonight was a great night. A really, really great night!

Firstly, I had a good ballet class this afternoon and at the end I managed to do some pirouettes without falling into a wall! Yay me! lol. I can’t do a lot of them without getting super dizzy and I am clearly not spotting very well yet, but I was able to land back in my starting position. And I am feeling more and more confident of landing back like that when I do them, so I can feel the progress.

I followed The Dancing Rider’s prompt and recorded one of the pirouettes. I am surprised that I actually was able to catch one on camera. Usually when you want to film something it just won’t happen.

Funnily enough, when I loaded the video we had left the headphones plugged into the computer, so I didn’t realise that you can actually hear my daughter saying she’s recording on the video. Oh well. I think it’s cute that she likes to help out.

The other great thing that happened is that I got a lovely email from the studio in Sydney and they have welcomed me to attend classes with them! They were very helpful and just said I need a letter from my doc saying I can still dance, and I will need to sign a waiver, which is exactly what I figured would be reasonable anyway. So I’m absolutely thrilled.

Oh what a wonderful evening!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Pirouette 2 and Very Exciting News — Video Included!”

  1. Wow! You did a GREAT job. I cannot do that yet. Maybe one out of 25? I loved seeing this, and it is so encouraging to me as well. Good job, BB! You look very graceful, with a controlled ending position.

    Really exciting that you are invited to attend class in Sydney. You have got to be thrilled! šŸ™‚


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