Ballet Slippers — Leather or Canvas?

Okie dokie, let’s talk ballet slippers. I’m going to purchase my second ever pair of ballet slippers tonight, on the line, and I’m a little bit stuck on which to buy.

I’m thinking of going with Bloch as I am more familiar with their products, but I haven’t bought Bloch slippers yet so I don’t know what will feel best on my foot.

No, I can’t get to a store. That would be a 4 hr drive away. So on the line it must be! πŸ™‚

I am thinking canvas, but not sure. I definitely want split sole. Ha! Nearly wrote “split soul”. That would be interesting!

I have two main questions…

1) Do you all prefer canvas or leather? And why?Β 

2) Bloch widths? I have very narrow feet. But an email I received from Bloch said that unless you have extremely narrow feet you would not want to get the “A” width. That most with narrow feet fit the “B” width slippers. So I’m a little confused. I have found it hard to buy normal footwear to fit my feet in width because they are so narrow, but then again, maybe with the stretch in the slippers, a “B” will be okay?

I know I will have to take a leap, make a purchase and hope for the best, but just wondering about thoughts on this.



13 thoughts on “Ballet Slippers — Leather or Canvas?”

  1. BB, I buy a lot of my gear online even though I’m not in the middle of nowhere – I’m just lazy πŸ˜‰

    I have worn Bloch before. I have narrow heels but my feet are not particularly narrow and I wear B width. If your feet are narrow for street shoes, I would think A. I hate it when my flatties are baggy; if they are too big, they move around when I’m dancing and can be especially annoying when turning. Ballet is hard enough without having your shoes spinning around on your feet.

    I always wear canvas because there isn’t a break-in period like there is with leather. Leather also squeaks and catches on the floors that I dance on but leather is fine on hardwood floors. Leather lasts longer though and once broken in, they do mold to your feet for a nice fit. Other good points for canvas – you can spot wash and febreeze them and they dry out faster than leather.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Enjoy your ballet shopping! πŸ™‚

    P.S. When you try the shoes on, put a towel or something on the floor so that they stay clean in case you need to return them.


  2. I prefer canvas as well, partially because you can wash them & also cause theyre cheaper : ) dont know anything about bloch sizing tho as i wear sanshas. Good luck!


  3. Canvas. Canvas. Canvas. They look prettier on the foot – not so Baggie as leather. Also, it’s breathable.

    However – leather provides more support and don’t last as long.

    I wear Bloch pro-elastic. They look awesome on your feet. Gospel. πŸ˜‰


  4. I wear canvas right now. Leather is also nice, but still canvas fits better on your feet. They tend to form around the foot very nice!
    I am wearing the Bloch Zenith right now, a totally elastic ballet flat. This can be handy if you have narrow feet, they are split sole and comfy because they stretch all the way around your feet!
    Good luck πŸ˜‰


  5. Wow, thanks to everyone who commented! What great advice you all gave. I love how popular the canvas seem to be. I am going to go with the canvas. And I am thinking the Bloch pro-elastic.

    I will post when I have made the order. Things piled up today, so I will order them tomorrow. Yay! Very excited! πŸ™‚


  6. May I ask what size shoe you wear BB? I have a narrow foot and very narrow heel. I’ve been looking at other slippes, but when I read the reviews of various Blochs I’m not sure there’s even a size for me? I wear a 9 US shoe. If you DO get a Bloch, review here please. I’ve been interested in a couple of Blochs, and am leaning toward canvas. I do not like my current slippers at all!


    1. I wear a size 8.5 normally, but not sure if that’s US? Arggh! In any case, I’m sure Bloch have a size to fit you. They have a conversion chart on their website which is neat!

      I will definitely post a review. I think I’ll be busting at the seams to write about them!


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