Ballet in the Park — Unexpected Gems

We took the kids up to a lovely country town today called Tenterfield. We had a great time and just before we left I asked Hubby to snap a couple of shots of some ballet stuff in front of this gorgeous park gazebo.

The unexpected gem in this was when I looked back at the photos I realised that my arabesque has improved! I notice a rise in my neck (doesn’t look as hunched from the scoliosis as it used to), my leg is rising a little higher, and my torso is more upright.

It’s not great, no. But it’s improvement. And improvement is key on this journey!

I wasn’t expecting to even take the photos today. I hadn’t planned anything ballet-ish other than my class, and the slipper purchase. I’m so glad I followed my impromptu thought and took the pics.

I was majorly embarrassed to take pics in public. There wasn’t many people around, thankfully, but I was still very self-conscious.

What are some unexpected gems that you have seen in your ballet journey?

Some ballet in the park pics…





10 thoughts on “Ballet in the Park — Unexpected Gems”

  1. You’re beautiful! These photos simultaneously inspire me, and make me want to quit (lol). I have no arabesque at all. Also love the color of the photos – lovely!


  2. Aaahhwww gorgeous!! Your arabesque looks really nice. Good job!
    My little gem in ballet is how I feel whilst dancing. It’s indescribable and incomparable!


  3. Lovely! I went to high school in Stanthorpe so your park photos are especially delightful. My brothers used to chase me up and down those steps!


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