Validation of Existence — The Importance of Saying "Hi"

When I got the message from Kristen, over at Beginner Ballerina Project, that someone had nominated me to be profiled on her website, I was surprised and flattered.

The thought that someone had gone out of their way to mention me to Kristen, was surreal. I wondered who had nominated me and wanted to thank them because it was a really nice compliment, that they thought I was worth a mention.

Life caught up with me and I didn’t get the chance to mention it on my blog, but I was thinking about it often. And as I thought about it, I pondered the idea that we, as people, so often only really want validation and value of our existence. We want to be heard, or seen. We want someone to say “Hi, I saw what you did there, that was neat”, or just to know that our existence has affected someone in a positive way. Or sometimes as little a thing as knowing that someone has acknowledged you’re in the room, can make you feel better.Β 

Clearly, through all the social media outlets, you can easily people attempting to satisfy this desire, this need, every day. But on a smaller scale, just catching someone’s eye, and saying hello, even if you don’t know them, might lift their spirits and make them feel like someone saw them today. Someone noticed they exist. And that might be a more important moment in their day, than you could ever think possible.

Certainly people who are dealing with depression, tend to feel disconnected from community and making that connection can help a lot. But I think people on a wider scale are seeking that connection. I think people who’s brain chemicals are all perfectly in balance still want verification of their existence.

So, maybe try to say hi more often. Try not to be scared that you might accidentally open a conversation with the wrong person, like say, a murderer or something. Trust that most people are okay, and would just love to hear you say hi.

I’m going out today and I vow to say hi to some people I don’t know. I might even get really whacky and ask them how they’re going!

Today’s post is dedicated to the person who nominated me. I want to validate you. Whoever you are, thank you! Your nomination of me made me feel special and valued. To be honest, it probably moved me more than the three year old who looked at my profile picture and told her mother “Look, mummy! A princess!” So there, that’s kind of huge. πŸ™‚

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