Me and The Nutcracker Ballet

Some will remember a while back I wrote about my plan to get to the Queensland Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the end of the year and my plans to get to the Brisbane Bloch store at the same time.

I was going to get to see my first ever live ballet AND buy a pair of ballet shoes that actually fit, on the same day. It was going to be awesome. It was going to be my end of year treat. It was going to be an insanely amazing experience.

We didn’t get to buy tickets before the show sold out, so we were relying on last minute ticket sales, but I wasn’t too worried because I was told by QLD Ballet that tickets would keep coming up, and they did.

Unfortunately most times the tickets came up, I either wasn’t home to access the internet and purchase them (or able to call and purchase) or I was sick and not online at the time.

I wouldn’t mind any of this too much. I mean, I am devastated that my perfect end to the year isn’t going to happen, but that’s okay. That is seriously a first world problem.

But something I do mind, something that I am very peeved about is that twice during this period of frenzied online ticket purchase, I have lost tickets because of our slow rural internet connection. I mean that I have jumped online, seen the available last minute tickets, chosen the time, selected the seats, had said tickets in my QPAC website shopping cart and been trying to get through the checkout, but failed to do so within the allocated timeframe because of our slow rural internet connection — and lost the tickets.

The second time this happened was today. There are only a few days left of the performance and I thought for sure there would be no more tickets becoming available, but I checked anyway — and there were tickets! AMAZING! There were only two tickets, which wasn’t ideal as I wanted my hubby and girls to come with me, but I was desperate by this stage. I was just going to buy the tickets and then deal with logistics later. Turns out, this wasn’t going to be an issue, as I lost the tickets in my cart, again, due to our internet not loading fast enough through the checkout. Can you believe that? Argh!

I’m very disappointed. It feels unfair — yes, I can hear the tiny violin playing too 😉

In any case, this trip won’t be happening. I’m sure we’ll get there next year. And I’m sure it will be an insanely amazing experience when we do.

I do want to thank QLD Ballet for helping to clarify the whole last minute tickets thing for me. And company dancer in The Nutcracker, Teri Crilly, for notifying me, via twitter, on some occasions when tickets became available. That was amazingly generous. (Not that they read this blog, but you know, putting it out there anyway.)

I look forward to getting up to see a QLD Ballet performance, and hopefully something Teri is in, too. And I will be sure to tell everyone ALL about it when it happens!

For now, as long as my end of year treat is with my family, all is well. 🙂


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