Bush Ballerina Goes to Sydney!

Well, it looks like my end of 2013 blessings are continuing into 2014, as just one week into the new year, I’m heading to Sydney!

I’m actually piggy-backing onto the back of my husband’s trip to Sydney for business, which was meant to be later in January but was brought forward — and is why it is so sudden.

I had hoped to catch a ballet class at Studio Tibor while I was in Sydney later in January, but now that we are going to be there earlier, and regular classes won’t be back on then, I’m in a bit of a Tibor-ballet-class-pickle. Tibor’s wonderful assistant has been in touch with me and I can say that there is a small chance I may get a private class with Tibor. But I’m just not getting my hopes too high for this. Everyone is time pressured and I don’t want to be a hassle to anyone.

So the ballet class is a maybe. BUT going to a real-life Bloch store is a definite!

Yep, while I’m in Sydney I will be going to the York St Bloch store. It is the largest store in Australia and is always fully stocked in their whole range! How do I know this? Because I asked them. Yes, yes I did. Like a true ballet geek, and after suffering from multiple online shopping dramas with Bloch, I emailed them to check that this was the right store to go to — that they would more than likely have the shoes I’m looking for, that fit me correctly. I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting all that way and then not being able to purchase the gear I need.

I received a lovely email back from the manager, confirming that they are always fully stocked. Wahoo! She also asked, in the email, if I was wanting to be fitted for pointe shoes, because they would arrange for a professional fitter to be available for me if I was. Ahh, while I read this, I felt my heart swell with blissful desire. How amazing would that be? I wanted to scream “Yes, yes! Let’s fit me for pointe shoes!!!” Hahaha. Luckily reality was right by my side in that moment, and helped me to come crashing back down to earth. BUT a thought that remains with me is that this might some day, maybe, sorta, kinda, somehow … be a question that I can answer with a big fat “Yes!”

The night before I read that email, I had a dream that I was dancing en pointe. I seem to be having more en pointe dreams. And in each one I get more comfortable in the pointe shoes. This most recent one felt beautiful. I’m sure those dreams are more about me feeling more comfortable in my ballet skin, but still, it’s nice to see my mind opening up to pointe possibilities.

So, next week I will be going here…


I look forward to keeping the blog updated with our trip happenings as we go.


11 thoughts on “Bush Ballerina Goes to Sydney!”

  1. Wow…it looks stunning! I love their Pro Arch canvas flats, they really hug the feet…you’re going to have alot of fun! Enjoy.


  2. YES! 🙂 It would be great to get to the brick and mortar Bloch store. I received my canvas flats, and now I have a pair of leather with issues, and canvas with issues! :/ (And I was fitted.)

    Kudos on resisting the pointe shoe fitting. That would have been hard for mel

    That photo is beautiful!


    1. Oh no! Really!?! I hope you can return them. Was it something you didn’t realise was going to be an issue until you wore them for a while? Pretty frustrating for you.

      Haha, yeah, it was hard to resist the fitting.


      1. By issues I mean I think neither flat fits perfectly, despite having been fitted for one by a professional. The canvas flats have their advantages…..had to get a B width, as was concerned about not having enough room for my toes (the issue in my leather flats). I did return one pair (free shipping both ways, so no worries there), and got another size. This pair is better. I’ll try them in class, assuming we actually GET a class and see how they work. They aren’t that bad…. it’s just that I’m looking for the “perfect” fit.


      2. Oh, I see. That’s a real shame. I know what you mean abut searching for the perfect fit, and why not! I think the right fit will make the world of difference when trying to do exercises. I felt the difference in my oversized Bloch flats, despite their wrong fit. Just the soles were so much more supportive. So I think we should keep aiming for perfect! I will try to remain calm in the Bloch shop in Sydney to keep focused on getting the right fit! Lol


      3. I’ll read with interest, since we both have narrow feet! I think I can do class in either of my flats though. 🙂


  3. Ohhhhh I’m so happy for you!!! It will be such a grand experience, I just know it will! Such a big store, filled to the cracks with dance gear…. how can anyone resist?!
    I hope you will find the shoes you need, and that they will dance like heaven.
    Dancing dreams.. I just had one where I had my leg up to my ear, all the way in a la seconde. Can you imagine…


      1. Imagine indeed… the minute I woke up I felt my stiff hamstrings and I was like: “Right. A dream it was. A dream it will always be.”


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