Sweat and Sydney Take Two

This is how I look after pretty much every ballet class. Very sweaty!


But I love it. It is a sign that I have worked hard. If I’m not literally dripping sweat to the floor, then I need to do some more until I am. 😀

A couple of pics from today’s class. I have been mainly practicing what I learned in my Tibor class, in each of my own ballet classes. Then recently I have started adding a little something that I would like to experiment with at the end of the class. Today I was thinking about arabesques. I wanted to try some but I didn’t want to overdo anything and hurt my hips. So I had a go, with extreme caution and focus on my core, not twisting, not overextending. I had fun. 🙂

Feeling my core to make sure I am not twisting in this arabesque…




Practicing elonge and twisting head off shoulders…


On Sydney, well, pictures speak louder than words, so here you go…


I will be flying to Sydney for a lesson in February. Can’t wait! Just a quick fly down, fly back journey. Should be a beautiful day.

Hope everyone is having a great start to their ballet 2014 year!


7 thoughts on “Sweat and Sydney Take Two”

  1. Super excited for you!!! A class in Sydney again, how awesome! And your arabesques look good! Good of you to really try to work with your core and your natural turnout, without forcing anthing. I’m looking forward to progress pictures! 🙂


  2. Squeee! That is awesome! I will try to be content with some vicarious balleting, life has got in the way this week and I can’t make it to any classes. All good for next week though ♡


  3. You have amazing lines and incredible feet! Your body says, “you were born to dance!” I would love to take class from Tibor. I have heard so many good stories about his teachings. I finally found a wonderful place in NYC to call my home. I can’t wait for Wednesday’s class. So excited!!


    1. Oh, that is awesome that you found a class in NYC! I would love to come and take a class there some day.

      How great that you have heard about Tibor. Although, I’m not surprised. He’s a pretty special teacher. I’m very lucky to be able to get to his class, however far that is!

      Thank you for the compliments. I hope I can learn to dance as well! And not just look like a ballerina. Big difference. 😉


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