When What-the-Fuck Arms Come to Town

Sometimes, ya just have to laugh. Honestly, laughity laughity laugh laugh, all the way to sane-ville. Today I had one of those moments.

During today’s ballet class, I noticed how much better my fifth (with arms above ?) was looking. I was just very easily moving my arms and hands into position and it wasn’t looking too shabby. My shoulders were nicely down and my head placement was even easier to find.

Everything just felt better and easier.

I thought that would make a good progress photo. So out came the hubster, to diligently take the photos for me at the end off my class, but it wasn’t going to be nearly as easy as it seemed. For some reason, in every single photo, my arms were completely wonky. Like not aligned, not even damned symmetrical. It looked AWFUL!

I kept turning to look at my reflection and, yes, my arms looked lovely, then I would turn back and pose and everything would fall apart. I was holding everything very tight, pulled up, chest closed, shoulders down, hands soft … awesome! So how we’re the photos turning out so crap? I didn’t understand it and I eventually had to stop trying. I just couldn’t get it right!

Then I looked back at the photos and I realised the problem. Before each photo was taken I was holding a lovely position, I was right about that, but then right before the photo was taken, I would turn my head a little to give it that little something extra, and it would throw my shoulders right out of alignment. Which in turn made my arms go totally bizarro.

So I need to practice turning my head without turning my shoulders A LOT more.

This photo is of me choosing to laugh instead of scream when I was looking at the reflection of my lovely position, after seeing a dozen crazy arm photos. I was all like “What the….?”


Here’s to laughing!


4 thoughts on “When What-the-Fuck Arms Come to Town”

  1. Haha I laughed so hard at this!! And you’re absolutely right..! Sometimes we’re just pushing ourselves too hard to get something perfect. I have fallen in class twice because I wanted to push myself around for another pirouette. Nope, didn’t work. I fell on my butt and I laughed about it! And now I try to be easy on myself and just go with the flow.


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