Mucking About Video — Retirés and Fondu

Just a quick post to add another progress video…

Can’t wait till these videos have more movement in them! Come on core, you can do it!


P.S Every time I sign off anything, be it a post or a comment or a facebook thing, I always feel like signing “Bush”. Not sure if it is the association with the ex-president or the vajayjay nickname “bush” or the combination of those two associations, but it sure does make me giggle.

Bush 😀 😉


9 thoughts on “Mucking About Video — Retirés and Fondu”

  1. Love your lines! And you’re doing so well, good for you. I really freaked when I saw myself dancing the other day in that video, but you use it to your advantage!! Good lesson to learn here..


    1. OMG, you have a video? Is it on your blog? I will have to go and look now. I so wish I could see all our beautiful adult ballerinas dance more! Don’t worry, I completely freak out when I see myself, but I NEED the visual feedback so I put up with my freak outs. Lol

      Thanks for the nice comment. I think I am progressing okay. 🙂


  2. I think your fondu’s have come along and look really nice! I like your plie. Your lines are good! 🙂 If I get brave, and my classes continue, will try to get some “movement” shots! 🙂


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