Ski Ballet, Sort Of…

They’re athletic. They’re technical. They have a mean turnout. And they have ballet arms. 


Should I just end it there? ‘Cause I kind of feel like that’s enough said.



No? Okay, I will go on…

After seeing “ski ballet” flood the internet recently I had to take a closer look. And boy oh boy, was I rewarded with greatness. (I would love to sit on the cool side of the fence and tell you that I am joking, but sadly I am not. I am deadly serious!)


Ski Ballet was a sport whose recognition began in the late 1960’s and ended in 2000. The competitors had to perform choreographed routines that included spins, turns, jumps, arabesques, flips and some beautiful ballet arms. Some athletes chose to wear amazing glammed up costumes. And of course it was all played out to music, on a smooth slope of fairytale white snow.

Okay, so maybe there isn’t really much ballet at all, in ski ballet. Maybe that’s why they also called it acroski? I think the latter works better. Whatever it is called, I’m hooked. I think it’s great. It’s fun, and different, and a change from watching people fly through the air in a straight line with skis attached to their feet.

And they’re just so darn entertaining. 

I’m sure that somewhere out there, there are guys and gals who, every now and then, wake up that extra bit early to strap on their sparkle gloves and their ballet sleeves and hit the gentle slopes before anyone else is awake. You go ski ballerinas and ballerinos. You go!

I think ski ballet has given me more incentive than ever before to attempt to go skiing. I can see it now, the ski instructor will be teaching me and the rest of the five year old beginners how to stop if you start careering down the hill, and I’ll be asking when we learn to do pirouettes. 😉

I say bring ski ballet/acroski back! What do you guys think? YesNo thanks? Or hell no!?

Below are some ski ballet videos for your viewing. But beware, once you start you may not be able to stop!

I’m not entirely sure if there is any ballet in this guy’s routine, but I think he does the moon walk at one point, so that kind of makes him a rock star anyway! Have a look…

Or if it’s emotional expression you’re wanting to see, this guy is your gold medal winner. At the end of his performance I thought he had popped a hernia or something — turns out he was just happy…

We see a definite grand jeté in this one — although it might not be so “grand”…

Hope you enjoyed. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ski Ballet, Sort Of…”

  1. It looks super difficult! It’s truly amazing what these people do, on skis nonetheless! But I don’t really mind that it’s not currently on the Olympics.. haha 😉


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