Second Trip to Studio Tibor — Part 2

So, back to my Sydney trip…

After the beginner class I watched a pointe class, which was mesmerising. It looked both beautiful and like a LOT of bloody hard work. Pointe shoes look lovely on and all, but oh my golly, don’t know that I’ll ever be wearing them. I find it hard to imagine that my feet will ever be strong enough for that.

By this point I had recovered from the beginner class and I felt like I could have danced around with the pointe class. Not en pointe! Just doing the same things but on flat and demi. But I was really surprised by this, that I felt I could go again! Awesome!

After the pointe class, I joined Tricia, Kim, and another lovely lady (who’s name I have forgotten (sorry)) for lunch at a lovely cafe across the road.

And before I knew it it was time for my private.

The private was great. We worked on my weakest areas, core strength, centre work and confidence.

Yes, Tibor brought up my low self-confidence again. This seems to be a huge barrier, and one that I HAVE to get over or else I will not be able to progress as far as is possible.

I’m really very stuck on that one. I can feel it, tangibly. It feels like being locked in chains. And I’m terrified of what might happen if the chains come off.

Despite being stuck, I am determined to overcome it.

So I have heaps of work cut out for me with just that. Just letting go, cutting the chains, pushing down the barrier. Because I know what I want and I can’t let this stupid stuff get in the way. I know I have already started working on this but I need a huge shift now.

On a practical note, we did a lot of fondus, some centre work and we talked through everything that you should do at the barre, before heading to centre work. I would love it if I could remember more of what we talked about with the barre exercises.

I am totally jealous of anyone who gets to go to classes regularly. I would get heaps more from these classes if I could go each week. Then you are relearning the same exercises each week, which enables you to make more progress. But that’s enough whining. I really can’t complain as I feel incredibly blessed to be able to take classes at all.

Can’t wait to get to more and more lessons down there. Which brings me to my plan for the future: I have decided that I need to change the way I take lessons. While I absolutely loved this last experience, I think I need to have a longer private lesson and if I have a class while I am there it needs to after the private — if I can still stand! Otherwise, if I do the class first, my head is kind of full of trying to remember what I learnt there and I’m a bit of a funnel-brain in the private afterwards. But the private is the one I get most progress out of.

I will also try to change the flight times so that I leave later and get back earlier. Current flight times, leaving from my closest airport, mean I have to wake up at 4am and leave at 4.30am, which isn’t great if I can’t fall asleep until 1am the night before (which is normal for me). And then if the flight back is late, you are looking at a seriously long day. The only thing I really hate about this is that I was so tired from the non-ballet related stuff like flight times etc. that I was too tired to even write notes on the way back. And I HATE not writing my notes.

I will also be eagerly picking up the pace on the studio build. Desperately need space to practise moving around the floor in. I have a feeling that this will play a vital role in me breaking through that confidence barrier.

Regarding the rest of the trip, my body was sore and tired for a few days after, but most of the tiredness came from the majorly delayed flight, which didn’t end up leaving until about 10.30pm … PM!!! Was supposed to leave at 6.45pm. So we didn’t get home until 2am. That meant it was a 22 hr day. Yikes!

My sore muscles, on the other hand, can only be claimed by the ballet itself. Tibor sees my true ability far more easily than I do, actually, his ability to see how far someone can go seems almost magical to me. He takes you right to your full potential, but not a millimetre further. This means he makes me use my full proper turnout, which is a lot more than we have ever seen in photos (or I have ever seen), and the full extension of my feet, which is more bendy than I could ever see myself doing. So yep, sore sore sore. But it’s okay. It’s a good sore. I’m heaps better today, actually walking like normal now, and today I pointed my foot — as you will see in the pic below. This was a great moment! LOL

That wraps up my second trip to Studio Tibor. Again, they are an amazing bunch of people, training absolutely stunning dancers. And they are all inspired by their wonderful artistic director, Tibor.

I encourage anyone in Sydney who might like to try ballet, to go to this studio. Such a joy.

Looking so forward to locking in my next date! Keep an eye on that calendar again!

I can point my foot again!!! Yay!!!…



11 thoughts on “Second Trip to Studio Tibor — Part 2”

  1. Lovely foot, as always! I hope your travel schedule works out and you can enjoy many more lessons at Studio Tibor. And you just have to keep your head up and your back straight, this will help with your self-esteem in class but also with your posture and keeping your core tight! 😉


      1. Haha indeed! I really had to remind myself of that fact when I started doing pointe work. It’s so tempting to keep looking at your pointe shoes to see whether you are doing it right, but in the end it’s all about FEELING it. When you lose the barre, you will have to feel what’s going on, otherwise you will never be able to do moves away from the barre in a routine!


      2. So true! Must remember that! In my private, Tibor kept ripping my hand off the barre because I was clinging to it, and I would almost fall over. LOL Must not look down. Must not cling to the barre. Check!


      3. Oh and you just gave me an idea for a new post! Never look down! We just talked about that in class last Firday so that’s a pretty good one to share. Thanks hon 😉


  2. Great point, BB. Lovely 🙂 . Enjoyed so reading about the class and private. I’ve come in before your first post on the topic though, so will be working backwards.

    Confidence is something upon which good instructors focus, in my opinion. My skating coach did, and it took years, literally, to “let it out”. I can’t imagine myself ever having solid confidence in ballet, as I am constantly laughing at how … let’s say “funny” … I am trying to do just the basics!

    I bet many adult ballet students wish they could just dance completely and from the heart. Hmmm, I would need to be able to actually DO something to accomplish that, but in the meantime I know you will do it with centre, just as I will try!

    Pointe shoes are so beautiful aren’t they? I missed out on my pre-point class when I was younger. Doubt I’ll get to that spot this time, but anything will be good, so no worries. I think you might be able to make it, you are young enough and can develop the strength.

    Love your comment above about the death grip on the barre. I catch myself doing that!


  3. What a beautiful experience and thank you for sharing it with us! I do want to tell you how much you have been an inspiration for me. I see the struggles you have had to overcome to do ballet and I think, “Compared to BB mine are really not that big and I needed to quit moping, and if BB can do it, so can I” and I am, I’m starting classes Monday.

    You really are a beautiful dancer and seeing how hard you are working and the improvement you have made over the past months is amazing. You really were born to dance!


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