Thank You

To everyone who helped me spread the word of my new online shop, I have to tell you how amazing you all are. I was amazed by the chain of events that took place after I posted about the shop. There were blog posts, tweets, retweets, links and Facebook statuses that spread around the internet, helping my plight to get to more ballet classes.

I was totally overwhelmed (and fairly teary) by the generosity. It all happened just a couple of days before I went to Sydney so I didn’t have time to write a thank you post before. So I’m writing it now. I read every one of your messages and every one of them brought love to my heart.

Seeing other people proudly support me, also helped me to feel more proud of what I am doing. I felt my confidence being boosted, which is amazingly timely as you will see in my Sydney Part Two post.

Thank you! I feel incredibly blessed and honoured to know such beautiful people. And I hope that I can repay you all some way, sometime.

For all of you…


Much love.



4 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. You’re welcome BB. You are just awesome, that’s why so many people are here to support you! Take it in sister, take it aaaaaallll in… πŸ˜‰


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