Don't Reach for the Stars

Hello sweet people. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how fabulous I think you all are. But the truth is that it doesn’t really matter what I think. It matters what you think.

I hope you are all appreciative of how wonderful you are. I hope you see the beauty and the love and the kindness in yourself. And I hope that you see you are enough, just because you are you.

It can be easy to look around us at others who seem to possess some amazing quality or lifestyle that we wish we had, but holy moly would it be boring if we all had the same qualities and lifestyles!

We are all different. We come in different packages and we offer different qualities to the world around us. But our differences are of equal value. Not better. Not worse. Equal.

I offer the people in my life qualities and experiences that no one else could offer them.

And you all offer those around you your very own qualities and experiences that I could never offer.

You add to this world. You are love and wonderment.

Let yourselves shine. Let yourselves be you. And you will be fabulous at it. Because you are enough.

You may fail. OMG, yes you may! You may make mistakes and fumble and hurt. But those are not bad experiences. They are what make you real. They are what help you to learn who you are. If you run from mistakes, you will keep running from your real self.

Please don’t do that. Your real self is abundant and loving and perfectly imperfect. Your real self is divinely enough. Just because you are you. And nobody else.

Don’t reach for the stars. Just reach for you.

Zoe xxx

12 thoughts on “Don't Reach for the Stars”

  1. Have you ever considered that this post is also completely applicable to yourself?? You are an amazing person Zoe, we are all glad to be part of your back-up team in this wonderful story that is called your life.


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