New Video of Bush Ballerina for Your Amusement :)

Seriously raw dance moves happening in this video, lol, but I am proud of just getting up and doing it. Had such a fun time. I even attempted to learn the centre work I was learning in my last Sydney class. The backward attitude turn thingo is a very hard one, especially for peeps like me who don’t like to lift one foot off the ground, let alone lift one leg up and then spin around BACKWARDS, while somehow making it look smooth. 

So I’m chuffed that I’m lifting that little footy off the ground at all! 🙂 But yeah, raw as buggery. So please, don’t be looking for perfection! 

Happy living and dancing 🙂

23 thoughts on “New Video of Bush Ballerina for Your Amusement :)”

  1. I liked what you did at the barre, especially your arm. You were dancing, not just doing the exercise 🙂


  2. Your studio is so cute! I wish I had a barre somewhere in/around my house.. that would be awesome 🙂 Good work on the port de bras 🙂


  3. You look like you live in paradise!! Your little studio is amazing! I agree with Robin- your barre work is amazingly beautiful! So delicate and soft. And yes, your arms are very nice!! So glad to see you back at it BB! Good for you girl 🙂


  4. Lovely arms, beautiful barre work. You are so graceful, fluid, and gentle. I am very happy for you that you could do this. Such nice form, and smooth shapes you make!

    And I really like the look of your blog!

    (I so wish I had your studio, BB! I have no place to practice anything other than basic barre – sort of. No room to work on the dance I’m learning.)


  5. Oh, and I wanted to add that I have one of those backward attitude thingies in the dance I am learning — I wish mine looked like yours!


  6. Your dancing is beautiful and fluid ♥ You’ve got really lovely arms too, so keep them long and round in the centre and in pirouettes (it’ll help with balance and turning), and try not to overcross the bras bas in the piles 🙂

    Your bio is so inspiring too – makes me feel like I should work harder! Wishing you more ballet fun to come~


    1. Hi Starduest! Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it 🙂 Yes, I caught the overcrossed bras bas when I watched my last video, thanks for pointing it out to me. And my arms dropping in the centre and in turns are what I am working on now. I have a new video I am editing at the moment in which I made a huge difference in my droopy arms! lol

      Thanks again for the comment and feedback. I love it! 🙂 Will follow you back so I can follow your journey.


      1. Awww thank you!! I have a problem with droopy arms too and it’s just another of the (too) many things to think about when pirouetting :/ lol


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