Ch ch ch ch changes

🎶 turn to face the strange ch ch changes! 🎶

Wowsers, just realised how old I feel, knowing that heaps of young readers probably won’t get the reference to those lyrics. Oh wells…

Just popped a new page link up in the “pages” area, that goes to another blog I am writing on.

As many of you know, my dance journey is full of stops and starts. And the stops just never seem to end. It feels like a decent flow of productive ballet practice, or just any practice, is hard to find.

That’s okay. I will continue to flow with whatever my body is capable of.

I am making my peace with that. It used to be torturous to not know what tomorrow would be like or next week. To not know if I would reach my goals.

So I’ve changed them. I’m shifting them now, to suit me better. And I’m learning to accept that that is okay.

Actually I don’t really have any ballet goal now other than to exercise and enjoy myself. So, I suppose those are sort-of goals!

My proper goals are about being kind to myself. Finding joyful and peaceful moments in amongst the chaos of reality.

I love blogging. I love the writing and connecting of it. I love that it encourages reflection. I love reflection.

I will be writing more ballet posts this year, despite thinking I would close it down last year. But I don’t want to write everything over here. There is so much more transpiring in my life and a much bigger conversation that I want to have about finding happiness and contentment in spite of our circumstances. Even if it is just in the little moments.

So I’ve created a space where I can write about what most of my life focus is on at the moment (and moving forward from here.). Called it Zoë Simms, which felt completely dicky, but I didn’t want to name after a particular topic because I just don’t want to be pegged in like that. I’ve done that during the past year and it hasn’t turned out great for that reason. The pegging in thing. I want freedom for it to take whatever shape it wants to take.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Since I have started writing over of the new blog I have remembered how much I loved writing to all my fellow ballet peeps and friends. I loved knowing, for the large part, who I was writing to. Always felt like writing a letter to family and loved ones.

I love that.

I also wanted to say that in a blinding flash of cognitive function, my memory kicked back in and I was like “OMG! I have some amazing, gorgeous interviews left that I was supposed to upload already!”

I apologise sincerely to those beautiful people who participated but didn’t see their interview online yet. I will be getting them up here shortly. I will email you when they are going up.

Okie dokes for realz now. That’s it. That’s all. I’m off. If you wanna check out my new pad you can by clicking on the “My Other Blog” page above.