Bush's Knock-Offs (a bit of fun)

Dear gorgeous readers, dancers, friends and fans,

Remember when I did this?

p and me 2.jpg

polina 1

This was something I wanted to do more of. Actually I wanted to make a photographic series out of them.

After thinking about this for ages and ages, I’ve decided to stop fretting about the what-if-I-fails and just have a go.

It will be a photographic series of knock-offs. Bush Ballerina knock-offs of professional ballerina photos.

Basically I’ll choose a photo, acquire the needed costume, props, setting etc., and then click, click, click. Magic! Hopefully they will be like the ones above only much better.

I’m so passionate about this idea that I’m prepared to actually hire the theatre in town to take photos where a stage in necessary etc. AND last week when I was the (big) town we go to to shop, I saw there is a COSTUME SHOP that has opened up. OMG! Help me now. How will I resist!? LOL

Okay anyway, so back to project Knock-Offs, I would love your input. If you have a favourite photo of a ballerina, I’d love to see it. You can pop it to me in the comments here, pop it in the comments on the facebook post or email it to bushballerina@gmail.com

So damn excited about this. 🙂

Bush xxx

3 thoughts on “Bush's Knock-Offs (a bit of fun)”

  1. Your sight has been really effective. I’m moved. Im JUST beginning, and I just want to get good. Your site was so organic and I really like your honesty. I first found bushballerina on tumblr – I started an account hoping to find some similar dreamers. Me and my friend go to a night class for adult ballet. Fundos are hard! And that post you had with that video was a good demonstration. No wonder we can’t keep up with our teacher!


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