Ballet Books, DVD's and YouTube Videos?

One of our lovely adult ballet students is unable to get to classes at the moment, or even get the energy up to do much ballet and they would love to know of any good YouTube videos, books or DVD’s that show decent ballet instruction so they can keep up with ballet at home.

I’m putting the call out to all you wonderful students. Do you know any good DVD’s, books or YouTube videos that you like that you think would be of use?

If you have anything to contribute please pop it in the comments. It will be much appreciated.



12 thoughts on “Ballet Books, DVD's and YouTube Videos?”

  1. Yes, I liked Kathryn’s videos, although her class was a bit too fast for me as an absolute beginner (who had only been teaching myself for about four months… I finally got into real classes, though, yay!). For very beginner classes, I like Tamra Chace’s videos. She has a nice list to get started, but they probably won’t be too exciting for intermediate and above. And yes to DanceFlix! And I’ve never tried it, but there is a place where you can do one-on-one lessons with quite a few ballet instructors at takelessons.com. PsycheTruth on YouTube has some wonderful stretching routines as well.

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