Capezio Review — 2

Okay then, dearest readers, it’s time to let you all know what I think of some more Capezio dance gear products I’ve tried recently.

Canvas Juliet Ballet Flats

Immediate impression:

“Ooooh, lovely!” That’s what I thought when I first saw these shoes. I really love their very light creamy colour. They feel soft to the touch on the outside and have the same brushed cotton/polyester inner lining that the leather Juliets have, so they  also feel very smooth.

They also have pre-sewn elastics which are a bonus for me.

How they fit and feel on:

These shoes feel really good on my feet. Like the leather Capezio Juliet flats these shoes also have a comfy slipper or sock feeling to them thanks to the soft lining.

They fit my narrow and long foot and the shape is just generally a very comfy one. The canvas material doesn’t feel harsh at all. They also have the slightly higher heel coverage which, again, didn’t sway me one way or the other. I suppose if your flats normally slide off your heel, these would be a nice change.

They have the diamond gusset which hugs the arch of your foot and that feels immediately nice, even before you get to work.

How they look on (are they stylin’?):

Yes! They are totally stylin’! I LOVE the look of these flats. They kind of just blend in with everything else. Which I love. Then of course you have that flattering arch hug which compliments your feet well.

How they perform:

These flats performed really well for me. My two favourite aspects are the way the diamond gusset feels on my arch and how much I really can feel my feet working in them.

They stay on my foot, don’t twist around on my foot and my feet didn’t feel heated up in them.

I really liked these shoes when working in them.

Do I recommend them?…

Yes. Definitely recommend these flats. Of course, everyone’s different, but they feel great for me.

I think these shoes are just going to get better and better with time and work, too. And I can’t wait for that. Can’t wait to wear them in more.

The Capezio Canvas Juliet Flats…

You can find this product here: Canvas Juliets

Classic Knits 18″ Stirrup Leg Warmers

Immediate impression:

Cute. Warm. Soft. Lovely.

The colour of these lovelies is called plum and it reminds me of a lovely dusty purple colour.

How they fit and feel on:

These legwarmers feel beautiful on. They fit my legs fine. No itchy-scratchy. They do their job without adding massive weight as they are super light. You kind of don’t really feel them on, your ankles and calves just feel warmer. Which is really exactly what you want.

How they look on (are they stylin’?):

I love the look of these legwarmers. They are definitely a simple design, rather than a fancy one and their shape and lovely soft colour make them very pretty. They can hug the calf or fold around the ankle.

I think they’re really pretty and, yes, stylin’ muchly. 🙂

How they perform:

Great! As I said above, I didn’t notice these legwarmers being on my legs while I was working, which is a good thing. They stay up where you tell them to stay and they just kept my ankles and calves nice and warm.

Do I recommend them?…

I’m a big fan of leg warmers. I often find myself wearing them before and after class too as my ankles and calves like to be kept warm. And these leg warmers are definitely on my recommend list.

The Capezio Classic Knits 18″ Leg Warmers…

You can find this product here: Leg Warmers

Classic Knits Wrap Sweater

Immediate impression:

Cuuuuuuute! 🙂

Lovely colour. The same plum as the leg warmers. Nice shape. Very warm and good quality, which is what you would expect from a company like Capezio.

I particularly liked the gorgeous little crocheted detail on the edge of the wrists. Not sure if they’re still selling this wrap in this colour anymore, but I love it.

How it fits and feels on:

This wrap feels nice on. It is warm and would be a great wrap for cool/cold weather. It fits my body well without any bunching up anywhere. The arms are a little short for me, but that is more of an issue with my arms being extra long rather than a product issue.

How it looks on (is it stylin’?):

Oh, I think this wrap is so cute and totally stylin’. Yes. Yes. Yes.

How it performs:

It performs well. Feels comfortable and doesn’t twist around on me while I’m working. It does its job well.

Do I recommend it?…

Yes. Absolutely. This is such a cute wrap. Would be a comfortable, pretty, addition to the dance wardrobe.

The Capezio Classic Knits Wrap Sweater …

You can find this product here: Classic Knits Wrap Sweater

Hope you all enjoyed this review. I am really loving all these products.

Zoë xxx


10 thoughts on “Capezio Review — 2”

  1. Loving this product reviews. Seeing all your new stuff is almost as fun as shopping for new ballet stuff (I don’t need) without forking over the cash!
    Side note: I always thought of Australia as AllBlockLand (not that people can’t buy whatever they want everywhere… duh Mommy), so it’s fun to see you in all this Capezio!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! So glad you’re enjoying it!

      Yes, Bloch is very popular over hear and it was where I got most of my gear, but Capezio is also very popular. I think they’re really working on their product quality, which is going to bring their popularity right up.

      Happy to be your window shop anytime! 🙂

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  2. Got a pair of Capezio canvas split sole shoes that must have been sized a little too big at first. They would bunch up a little at first and made it hard for turns when we’re at center, but they seem to have shrunk and fit well now. Still prefer my leather shoes with holes and all, but use them less and less.

    But don’t get me started on Capezio men’s tights. They use to carry a brand that was the best combination of being opaque enough and durable enough. They replaced it with a brand that’s a little less opaque for my tastes and its been a little more difficult to find a reliable pair in any other brand.


  3. My dance store tends to only carry the classic pink and black colors so I’m seriously jealous of the plum color sweater and leg warmers! I also have the leather Juliet and then the Capezio Cobra in canvas. I like the Cobra but it’s a little wide/too much fabric. Have you found your canvas Juliet’s to be as nice and snug as the leather ones? I was told today, when I was trying on Bloch Prolites (which I really like too), that I have a narrow foot for ballet which is probably why I like the Juliet so much. I also have high arches and love how the Juliet hugs the arch… so it’s good to know that canvas one does that too. Anyway, thanks for the great and helpful reviews!

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  4. Lovely dance gear. I love canvas flats and want to try split soles.

    I love your blog, I am soo impressed that you dance at home. That’s great dedication and determination. I must ask. Do you get dressed into ballet gear to practice? I am so slack at home and throw on baggies, but wearing tights and a leotard does make you feel so much more like a dancer 🙂

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    1. Hi! I mainly wear ballet gear at home for two reasons. Firstly, so I can see my alignment to stay square and straight. And secondly, because I sweat so much, I have to wash my gear after ever session, so if I wore my trackies I would be washing those every day and that’s just more to wash than a little Leo and tights!

      I don’t always wear a leo but I do always wear my dance stuff, not my regular stuff.


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