About Zoe

My name is Zoe Inez Hennessy and I am an Australian artist, dancer, ponderer, mum and wife.

I also happen to live with a few chronic illnesses.

These conditions are very inconvenient and I’ve lived with them for my whole life. Sometimes they’re very manageable and other times they flare up to the point of making me disabled.

I was rebuilding my body and health and it was going really well. Reeeeeaally slowly, but really well. I was getting stronger and more capable of doing things I couldn’t do before.

But then my body just crashed and burned. The past 3-ish years have been hell for me and he’ll for my family to watch. After a fair while I became almost bed bound again. But enough of that. You can read more about where my health is at, on the Zoe’s Health page.

What will I write about on this blog?…

Life, love, following your dreams, ballet-physio, dance, family, I love ballet-physio and it also changed my life, so I love talking about that. I especially love people following their passions regardless of what society tells them they should and should not be doing, so I expect there’ll be a lot of that. And just my personal thoughts as I travel through this challenging and colourful journey.

So … basically a bit of everything? Hahaha.

I have learned the importance of listening to yourself and following your passions and dreams, and I am interested in exploring that whole subject of following your dreams, heart and passions a lot more. I’m also interested in sharing my experience and knowledge with anyone who is interested in hearing it. 🙂

I hope you enjoy your time here and aren’t too confronted by my disorders/disabilities. Please ask (via the contact page) if you have any questions about anything.

And lastly, the shameless promotion. :/ I’d love it if you’d share and ‘like’ the things that really touch you. It’s a small thing for you to do but is a massive help for me. 🙂

Thanks a bunch for coming by.

xxx Zoe