Teacher Criticism 

A quick shout out to anyone who might be feeling a little disheartened by criticism their teachers give them.

Your teachers shouldn’t make cheap or nasty comments on your personality. They shouldn’t be mean to you or say degrading things to you.

HOWEVER they cannot help you improve without telling you what you need to improve on. 

Try not to get too upset when you receive criticism. 

Try not to allow yourself to believe that receiving criticism means you suck and should quit ballet and take up table tennis. 

Try not to centralise the criticism and make your whole self-worth based around it. That’s not what your teacher wants you to do with it.

I have been told that my hands were doing weird claw-like things, that I’m not pointing enough, that I’m not trying hard enough, that I’m not pulling up enough and that my frappes need an entire private class to correct and that I am sickling — to which I was all like, What? No way man, I don’t sickle! Alas, I was indeed sickling.

The frappe one always makes me laugh because, honestly, my frappes do always look more like floppes! Haha.

I have been in studios where I receive a lot of corrections and in studios where I receive no corrections and I would, without a doubt, prefer to receive a lot of corrections.

If a teacher is correcting you, they want you to improve.

Don’t get all egotistical and think that you are the most important person in that room to the teacher. If you think you’re more important than anyone else in the room then you will most definitely feel disappointed when the teacher doesn’t treat you as you think is appropriate (doesn’t give you extra attention or compliment you). 

Try to think of teacher criticisms as notes for improvement and try to be grateful that you’re receiving them at all. 

Don’t take it personally. 

Don’t use it as a way to beat yourself up. 

Use it positively. Use it productively. Use it as it is intended — to get better.

Love yourself. Be proud of yourself. Have FUN!

Zoe xxx

P.S remember, you deserve to be in the room.

Today, after having FUN during ballet. 🙂

The Day Third Position Fucked Me Up.

Third position. It’s like the nowhere land of feet positions in ballet. Well, for me at least.

I’m sure for those who learn in third position as a transition before moving on to fifth, it makes sense. But when you’ve only really learnt anything in first, second, fourth and fifth, trying to do what you would do in fifth, in third instead is a different story.

I’ve only been doing port de bras and first position stuff for about a week now, due to my back slipping out. Then yesterday I eased into second and did a little there and all was good.

Today is the second day my back has felt better, so I wanted to throw a little bit of third position into the mix, trying to ease my hips back into a crossed over pulling sensation again to avoid shocking my lower back.

Anyway, this attempt at replacing all my fifths with thirds was just hilarious. I had no idea how to only close to third. It just felt so damn wrong. Also felt like a duck with my toes hanging round so far out.

By the end I was like: “What the fuck is third position anyway?” “Is this some kind of special ballet torture?”

Third position totally nailed me.

Anyway, moving on from that confusion, I’m currently testing riding an exercise bike after my ballet to help build muscles a different way and get a decent cardio workout going.

I’m loving this at the moment because my biggest peeve is when I’m down on ballet due to whatever, I can feel my fitness slipping away from me. But with riding the bike, it’s an easy-enough way to maintain some (if not all) of that fitness regardless of what else is happening.

I also have a spectacular view of distant rolling hills to quander over while I ride.

Some pics to make this post less boring:

First, that crazy third position…


I couldn’t resist a little fifth. My body needed the normal!


And staying true to my never ending pursuit of the correct coupe in releve…


Happy weekending…

xxx Bush