Let's Talk Ballet Shoe Drawstrings

Okay, so there’s the thing, I love my Bloch PROLITE II shoes. They are okay on my very narrow feet, they are soft, they are supportive on the souls of my feet and they don’t cut my circulation off — thankfully, ’cause I like being able to feel my feet! 🙂

But I am wondering what other people do with their drawstrings? I mean, what actually works? I know of the tucking the bow under thing, but that hurts my skin, so I am looking for an alternative to that.

I read about tying a knot and then stitching it so that it never comes undone. Or others taping the ends of the bow/elastic to the upper inside of the shoe. Does anyone have experience with any of these? Do they work in terms of comfort and not losing the drawstring?

I’d appreciate anyone’s input.