The Nutcracker and a Bloch Store

Something odd struck me yesterday. Despite my current immersion in ballet, I haven’t actually stepped inside a dancewear shop in 26 years, and I have never been to the ballet. How very un-ballet-ish, of me. Something must change. And something is going to change…

This December I will be doing both, on the same day! I will be seeing The Queensland Ballet’s The Nutcracker AND I will be visiting the Brisbane Bloch store to stock up on ballet stuffs. That is going to be an AMAZING day, I feel as though I literally cannot wait, although I know I have to. 

Has anyone else seen The Nutcracker? What company did you see it performed by? What did you think? Any favourite moments?

As a child my dancewear was always bought from Bloch (I know, I know, poor me), and living in the inner city of Sydney, our closest Bloch shop was in the Queen Victoria Building. Visiting that Bloch store was like visiting some magic place, full of inspiration. Everyone who entered was already hoping and dreaming, but after a visit to Bloch, as they were leaving, they were hoping and dreaming a little harder. Well, at least, that’s how it always felt to me. 

When I started my journey into beginner ballet, I danced in socks, a tee-shirt and some winter tights I had, for the first few weeks. I wanted my focus to remain on what my body was doing correctly or incorrectly, not how pretty I looked.

About three weeks ago I decided to upgrade my ballet gear. I bought a pair of ballet shoes, a leotard and some tights online (not from Bloch). Wasn’t a great experience and I will wait until I can shop in person before buying more gear. 

I have checked out the Bloch ballet flats and I’m so excited to see which pair ends up feeling perfect for my feet. Will it be the stretchy Zenith, the leather Prolite II, the Pump canvas, or the Pro Elastic canvas? I like the outer feel of leather, but I am enticed by the idea of a canvas shoe that wraps snugly onto my foot, so I may go with canvas if that feels a lot better. I’m interested in anything that enables a lot of foot motion and I want a split sole. Picky much? lol.

These are the Bloch ballet flats I have been looking at: http://www.bloch.com.au/72-womens-ballet-flats

THIS IS THE BALLET I WILL BE SEEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry, I promise to be more cool, calm and collected on the night. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I promise to TRY to be more calm and collected. I expect I will probably be shaking in my boots from excitement and nervousness. OMG I hope I don’t get NPS (nervous peeing syndrome)? Where you get so nervous that you suddenly need to pee as soon as something begins! Um … awkward. Just kidding! Sort of. 

The Queensland Ballet’s The Nutcracker, here: http://ballet2013.com.au/shows/the-nutcracker/

So, Bloch Brisbane and Queensland Ballet — see you in December! 

Gotta go pee now….