Embracing Desperate.

Dear Readers,

I have a real-life, fully-experiencing-this-myself, amazegasmic realisation I have to share.

If you have enough determination, your tough journey, your shitty situation, your crazy no good fucked up current position, could become the keys to your greatest transformations.

Because determination will lead to innovation and innovation will lead to beautiful, glorious transformations.

No matter how big or small. Productive changes are all awesome.

My innovative moment of awareness…

I am working on getting back into the Sydney studio soon, but for now, if I can’t get this Bush Ballerina to Studio Tibor, then I’m going to bring Studio Tibor to the Bush Ballerina!

We’re upgrading the studio with the use of a stereo system that we had lying around and my laptop. So that now I will be able to see and hear my recorded private classes as though I were in the studio.

I will be able to do the exercises to the same music/timing and hear the corrections. Awesomeness abounds in this. It really does.

Might be a little bit strange to hear the teacher’s voice as though he were in the room with me, or it might just be a little bit wonderful.

Innovation. I love it. It’s coming from a desperate place. And transforming into a magical place.

Desperation –> innovation –> transformation.

How gobsmackingly cool is that! So amazing to see it happen in front of me.

So embrace desperate. Let yourself feel the pain of it. Then let it fuel yourself to get creative about how you might change it. Become determined. Open your mind and your heart. You’re fully equipped to get creative and innovative. Let it happen.

So I’m gonna be in my “studio” but I’m gonna feel like I’m in this studio…



Not bad. Not bad at all.

xxx Bush