Rock Happy. Something to Aim For.

Happiness is…



I’ve been reading a lot about happiness recently. It’s fairly certain that happiness is something that comes from within. That it is not something we can buy or rent or manufacture.

The Dalai Lama talks about true happiness coming from what we give the world rather than what we get from the world. He says that even the happiness we feel from a warm bed isn’t true happiness.

I suppose it might depend on what made the bed warm, right?

Just joking, guys! I get what he’s saying. I love what he’s saying!

But then there is my chair. A top example of happiness coming from something I am getting from the world.

I sat n my new chair, with the Dalai Lama’s theories floating around my head. I held a pretend convo his holiness. What would he say about my chair? Would he feel happy sitting in my chair? I pretended to hear his response…

That he would feel just as happy sitting on a rock as he would sitting on my glorious, supportive recliner chair.

I’m just not there yet. I’m not rock happy yet.

I want my chair. I need my chair. I love the happiness I get from my chair.

So I am proposing that sitting in my new chair is going to provide me with all the comfort I need to send more of my love out into the world via blogsville.

And maybe that will get me closer to rock happy. Who knows.