Rewards for Feet?

Why do dancers roll a tennis ball under their feet? Is it to stretch muscles? Is it good as a warm-down or warm-up? How does doing this actually help the feet? Is it a good thing to do?

All my muscles often stay pretty tight so I am always conscious of that. I use magnesium and get massages to help them relax out. It’s mainly my legs usually, but I have been wondering about the stuff people do with their foot muscles. I just plain old don’t understand it yet.

I can see my feet becoming stronger, which is great. I’m not wanting to increase my foot flexibility or anything like that. I know that that will develop naturally for now. I am wondering, though, if there may be some way to reward my foot muscles after they have worked so hard?

Would love to hear any info others have on why people do the tennis ball thing, or other things that are done with feet to help those hard working muscles?




Last Day on Sydney Trip – New Muscles, Lower Shoulders and Spiffy Notes

Good morning Last Day! 😀

I woke early today. As there weren’t many others up and about at 5am, and my calves were feeling better today, I decided to get some practice in. When my husband woke up he took some photos of me attempting a better second position with my arms.

There is much work to be done, but I can definitely see that my shoulders are lower now, which I am really happy about. Although they may be too far forward?



I have been thinking of simpler ways of tracking progress so that I can easily see what needs more work. Maybe a photo or video journal of certain things I’m focusing on? Not sure yet, but I need to have visual feedback for myself to see in order to improve. There’s no point doing the same things again and again every day if it’s incorrect. Just allows you to form bad habits.

Speaking of forming things, I told hubby yesterday morning, half joking, that I thought I had grown an extra muscle in my thighs overnight. He and I both laughed it off at the time, but later on in the early evening I was doing some simple posture work – pulling my knees up and my thighs up and back, and the girls and hubby all freaked out at the muscles that came popping out of my thighs. So yeah, I literally grew some muscles overnight (or they just became extraordinarily more prominent). But damn, it was a hard workout so those muscles are well deserved! 😀

No. There is no photo of my new muscles. 😉

Yesterday I took some time to write up some notes about my lesson in Sydney. Some of them were illustrated with highly detailed stick figures of myself and others had technical descriptions like “You have to turn your head like you are trying to twist it right off your neck. When you feel like you can’t turn your head any further to the side, turn it some more and you might, maybe, be getting somewhere near the correct position.”

Note making…


Will keep thinking today about how to incorporate what I have learned into my classes at home. And try to clarify some of my 2014 goals.

Next post will be from home.