Pirouetting News!

Haha, okay I’ll start with a laugh, because this is kind of funny and it did make me laugh at myself.

So it turns out (pardon the pun) that you are supposed to retire during pirouette. I mean, I always new that your leg went somewhere like a retire position, but I realise now that you are supposed to do a complete proper retire!

I was practicing an exercise Tibor had taught me. It had a lot of going up into retire quickly. And I remembered him saying: “I’m getting you ready for pirouettes.” And all of a sudden I was like…


I’m totally supposed to go full retire! Toes fully touching knee!

And it has made a huge difference! So much more stability and control. I know a lot of things go into stability, but for me, this one has had the most impact on my pirouettes.

So here’s a clip of me in tonight’s lesson, using full retire…

Enjoy! 🙂


Pirouette 2 and Very Exciting News — Video Included!

Tonight was a great night. A really, really great night!

Firstly, I had a good ballet class this afternoon and at the end I managed to do some pirouettes without falling into a wall! Yay me! lol. I can’t do a lot of them without getting super dizzy and I am clearly not spotting very well yet, but I was able to land back in my starting position. And I am feeling more and more confident of landing back like that when I do them, so I can feel the progress.

I followed The Dancing Rider’s prompt and recorded one of the pirouettes. I am surprised that I actually was able to catch one on camera. Usually when you want to film something it just won’t happen.

Funnily enough, when I loaded the video we had left the headphones plugged into the computer, so I didn’t realise that you can actually hear my daughter saying she’s recording on the video. Oh well. I think it’s cute that she likes to help out.

The other great thing that happened is that I got a lovely email from the studio in Sydney and they have welcomed me to attend classes with them! They were very helpful and just said I need a letter from my doc saying I can still dance, and I will need to sign a waiver, which is exactly what I figured would be reasonable anyway. So I’m absolutely thrilled.

Oh what a wonderful evening!!!!!



Guess What I Accidentally Did Tonight?

….. An arabesque straight out of a pirouette! OMG, I couldn’t believe it, I laughed so loudly, all the family turned to see what had happened. 

I’m sure there is a technical term for it, but “arabesque out of pirouette” will do me for now. 

I was just practising pirouettes at the back end of my class, and on my second attempt I over-spun and in trying to catch myself I leant forward a little, then my lifted leg just spun around behind me and before I knew it I was in a well balanced arabesque. And I suddenly went, “Oh, that is how they do that thingy!” Haha. I’ve seen it done on youtube but I didn’t know the sequences to get there. Now I do know, and I got there all by myself! 

Of course, I tried a million more times and couldn’t repeat it nicely. I could still do it, but was back to being wobbly again. 

Speaking of wobbly, I have found that I seem to have days when my vertigo is worse and days when it is better. On the better days my pirouettes are much easier to do. I am starting to get better at them, occasionally completing a full right (to the right) pirouette without wobbling at all. But mostly I am still struggling with them.

I am happy with my pirouette progress, though. I have taken it really slowly, because I knew I couldn’t push myself with the vertigo. I have a few different exercises that break down the pirouette move itself, and I just take it slowly. It seems to be working.