BB's Day Four, New Bloch Gear and a Pre-Lesson Psych Up

A quick post with the ballet goodies I bought from Bloch yesterday. If I get the opportunity to get a photo of me in the gear later today, I will post that, too.

Okay, so I got the all-in-one underwear thingy. This is really neat and so comfy! …


Then there is this nice leotard. It’s kind of a light charcoal colour. I have no idea why I didn’t go with a traditional colour, I just liked this one. I love the shape and it is so soft and comfy! I have a long body, and most of the Bloch leo’s aren’t a perfect fit for my body, so I had to get a slightly larger size to fit my length, which does mean it’s not as tight as I would have liked (to really hold everything in place!) but it is still super comfy and the underwear piece holds everything pretty well, too…



Here are some shorts I bought to go over the leotard. I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this before, but I have two scars from hernia repairs I had as a child, right across either side of my bikini line. One of them is pretty significant because after the operation the stitches burst and I had a nasty infected wound there for a while, so that scar is not something you want to flash about. This is why I like to cover my bikini line. So these shorts were a delight to see! Again, very soft, very comfy. Is anything at Bloch not comfy? …


And last but definitely not least, are my beautiful ballet flats and tights. I bought the convertible tights and they are lovely and thick and secure. They feel great on.

I bought the PROLITE II leather, split sole, ballet flats. I also loved the canvas version of the PROLITE II and will be buying a pair of those online when I get the chance.

Here are my tights and shoes…


About to get ready for my private lesson. Psyching myself up to not let myself down. Trying to stay calm and focused on the big picture. Something that is helping me in this is thinking about all my support. I’m really lucky to have had such a huge amount of support from my family and friends regarding my ballet and this lesson in particular. It has helped me to push forward through my feelings of intimidation to have beautiful people so enthusiastically rallying for me. To my mother, my father, my sister, my daughters, my husband and all my blogging friends, I say a huge thank you. This would have been a much harder journey without your kind and motivating words. I love you all. Thanks.

Now, here’s hoping this lesson goes well, I learn something and I walk away feeling good about my journey. 😀