4 Questions to Find Your Calling

I don’t believe callings, dreams or paths need to be big in order to be worthy. Some turn out to be big, but the size of them isn’t what makes them a path or a calling. It is just essentially how they make us feel. 

And I do find that a lot of people are unsatisfied with their life until they start living authentically, or in other words, start doing shit they love. 

I used to think that I needed to make peace with the mundane in my life and that I was stupid for ever wanting more than mundane. I watched people laughing and having a good time in spite of their mundane and felt as though there was something wrong with me for feeling so damn numb within my mundane stuff. 

Reaaaaaally happy that I found a window out of that world of thought ’cause holy crappola that was causing me grief.

My realisation and new way of thinking was (and still is) that it’s not what I thought. 

Those people who I thought were happy with their ‘mundane’? One of two things is going there. Either: 

1) What I percieved to be their mundane isn’t really mundane to them. They love it! It is exactly what fills them up with joy. They ARE on their path, it’s just a different path to mine. 


2) They’re bullshitting. Not really happy. And covering up their unhappiness with facades of fake ‘we-must-look-like-we-fucking-love-our-perfect-lives’ laughter. 

And either way, that’s okay. My big lesson was that it isn’t me. There’s nothing wrong with me wanting something different. There’s nothing wrong with whatever I want! 

There’s nothing wrong with whatever YOU want! 🙂 

My biggest inspiration that keeps me going in life and dance is my “follow your heart” motto.

‘Cause I just don’t think you can go wrong with that baby. 

This subject of following your heart, finding your path, realising your dream etc. fascinates me. I am intensely drawn to it. 

Why some people do it and others don’t. 

What gets in the way of fulfilling your dream and how to work around those obstacles. 

How to let go of always having to know and plan the way forward and let your path show you the way.

How you even find out what your path is!

I have been reading and watching more and more about this subject recently, just because I am so drawn to it. And I wanted to share these four gems of questions that I really love.

These questions are from Steven Pressfield and Oprah Winfrey — from one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday interviews.

Okay, so these are 4 helpful questions to ask yourself, if you want to know what your calling/path/dream is:

1) What are you more afraid of doing, than anything in the world?

2) What would you do if you knew you were going to die in 3 months?

3) What would you do if fear were not a factor?

4) Did you want to do something when you were a child that you were told you couldn’t or shouldn’t do? 

And here is the video clip from this insightful interview…


I hope this post is helpful to someone, or at the very least, a fun read.

xxx Zoë


I Miss It So Much It Hurts

How do you let go of something you so desperately want to hold on to? 

How do you let go of part of your soul?

When I look ahead and I see a life without dancing, my heart aches. I don’t know how to let ballet go.

I miss it.

I don’t care about leotards, ballet shoes or tights. I’m not talking about the aesthetics. 

I’m talking about the core stuff. The guts stuff. The feel-it-in-every-cell stuff.

I want to run to the barre and disappear. I want to fall into a lesson. Feel the pain of the music and my shaking muscles.

I want to wipe sweat from my brow three minutes into a Tibor Horvath lesson.

I miss Tibor.

I want the music to carry me. I want my arms to drift off into their vague idea of second position — and I want to treasure their vague idea. Because it means they are dancing.

I want to go to the only place I know where I can lose myself and meet myself again all at once.

I pain for ballet. 

I hate how trapped I feel in my body.

I want to feel free again. I want to feel me again. 

I miss ballet.

I want to take to the barre in a ballet class and connect to that deep wordless space where souls collide in the form of dancers all desperate to impress their teacher and achieve a better them.

I want to dance. I want to dance. I WANT TO DANCE!

I pain for ballet. 

I miss ballet.

I cannot let ballet go. I’m just not there yet.


Physically, things are still pretty delicate. I have also had some new things come up as well that will need operating on soon. But I am determined to not allow this to stop me completely in my tracks. It just can’t.

To all my beautiful readers, please dive into your loves whenever you can. Good health is a blessing. Take every bit you have and do all you want to do. I know I am. 🙂

Thanks for listening/reading. Will keep you updated.

P.S — The other blogs I started recently have been placed on hold. ‘Cause I’m not done dancing. 😉

This song has been going round in my mind a lot…

Zoë xxx