Progress Pics Week 9

Okay, so I’m feeling a smidge better today, so I decided to do a stretch session and some practicing of relevés and retirés. After tweeting with the QLD Ballet about the difference between a relevé and a rise, I got all obsessed about it and youtubed until I could YouTube no more.

I also wanted to update my turnout progress as I can feel that my right leg has just recently given in to my demands and decided to join the turnout party. My left leg is still being a party pooper at this stage. Feels very stiff in the hip.

Anyway, progress pics are below, with some relevé and retiré pics thrown in. I love my guesswork when naming the positions like derriére. I don’t know if that is how it would be called out in a classroom. My classes usually consist of technical phrases like “the wrap the foot around the ankle doodad” so any progress in ballet speak for me is good progress, even if I’m getting them muddled up!

The little bundle of fluff in some of the photos is our puppy, Friday. He likes to sit on my feet while I do barre work.