OMG you guys! Do you see what I see??? ————->

My nifty countdown calendar over there says there are only 19 days until my next Sydney class at Studio Tibor!!!!!

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Every now and then I think about what others in the class might think of me FLYING down to a ballet class — will they think it’s stupid, crazy or pathetic? I don’t know. It does make me a little nervous as I don’t really want the trip to be about anything more than learning ballet. Don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy meeting other students, but for the price I am paying in time and money, I really want to get the most learning out of the class that I can.

Second thing I’m a tad nervous about is that I am going into a beginner class. At the studio they have absolute beginner then absolute beginner/beginner then beginner, and then something up from there (out of the “beginners”). And Tibor feels I would suit the beginner class. Obviously I would still learn from the AB and the AB/B classes, but it seems I will cope with the B one too.

I was all set to go into the AB class so when I heard this and I was a little thrown. I actually thought Tibor had made a mistake at first (Sorry Tibor) and it took me a few days to realise he hadn’t.

I can see that the beginner class could be great if it is within my reach but enough of a challenge to keep me progressing. I would love that! But I don’t want it to be so challenging that I come home and quickly lose everything I learned while there. I also think that because I am not familiar with all the ballet terms, I am worried I will get lost in the lesson and struggle too much with just following instruction.

But it’s ALL OKAY! 🙂 I will have my handy note-taking book at the ready for more highly technical notes, like these here: highly technical notes And I will have plenty of time at the airport and flight home to write those notes while still fresh in my head and aching muscles!

I am more excited than nervous! 😀